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Hialeah Community Coalition, Inc. Membership Application Form

The HCC seeks members from a variety of community sectors to work together reduce children’s substance abuse. The HCC MISSION is: “Together the Hialeah Community Coalition Inc. and its partners will create a healthy community through education, prevention and increased awareness of drug use and underage drinking”.

The role of coalition members is to support the mission. Members serve at the discretion of the HCC, Inc. and pledge to attend and participate regularly. Members are individuals of good standing in the community who are willing to participate in making the Hialeah community a place where children are healthy, safe and drug-free.

I understand the role of a member of the HCC, Inc. I am interested and pledge to participate in the HCC, Inc. as a member to help prevent and reduce youth substance abuse and underage drinking in Hialeah.

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If you have questions or need more information please call Liz Garcia at: 305-785-6969 or email: